For rape and sunflower, boron is the major trace element that improves frost resistance, helps to drain sugar in the storage organs, increases germination of pollen grains, etc. Boron application to these crops should be a standard part of growing technology. BorSTART has been developed and formulated to meet these needs.


  • Solves acute boron deficiency or prevents it from occurring.
  • Thanks to the contained carbohydrates (SORBITOL), boron is absorbed faster and better assimilated.


Crops: rape, mustard, sugar beet, sunflower, poppy, leguminous and clover crops

Composition: 120 g/l B

Package:  1 l, 5 l,10 l


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  • Higher efficiency of used inputs due to better boron intake
  • Higher quality of application thanks to excellent wetting effect
  • Lower environmental load (100% biodegradable product)