It is a growth regulator that shortens and stiffens the stems of the cereals, which prevents the lodging of the field. The product is recommended for use on cereal plantations particularly exposed to lodging.


Crops: winter wheat, winter barley, spring barley

Active substance: etefonone 480 g / l



  • prevents lodging, and at the same time increases the yield and increases its quality
  • flexible date of application
  • fast, strong and above all effective stopping the growth of the stalks
  • works hard for a short time, without straining the plant's metabolism
  • causes stiffening and mechanical reinforcement of the stalks; plants increase the thickness of cell walls and stop the elongation of the internodes
  • by inhibiting the production and transport of auxins, it accelerates the development of side shoots, which makes the grain better aligned
  • stimulates the development of adventitious roots

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