The first micro-granulated high-efficiency fertilizer ensures the effective nutrition of emerging plants by well-balanced and easily accessible nutrients. The targeted fertilization during sowing ensures direct contact with the root system and fast intake of supplied nutrients. It supports the fast vegetation and development of the root system. The TPP technology prevents the undesired phosphorus release.

Crops: Cereales, Corn, Sunflower, Winter oil-seed rape, Sugar beet, Potatoes, Poppy, Horticulture, Forestry

Composition: 12% N, 43% P2O5, 2% MgO, 11% SO3, 0,7% Znfertiboost EN 2016 picture.jpg

Package: 10 kg, 300 kg


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  • Nutrients are concentrated where needed the most
  • The well-balanced combination of nutrients supports proper establishment of the vegetation, its development and quality
  • High efficiency of applied nutrients reaches almost 100%
  • It supports the fast growth and proper root system development
  • It ensures the proper intake of nutrients even in case of moisture deficiency
  • It stimulates the growth and eliminates the stress caused by dry  and cold weather
  • It increases resistance to weather conditions, diseases and pests
  • Fertilization at the time of sowing accelerates and simplifies the work and handling
  • The low fertilizer dosage (20 kg/ha) reduces the soil stress and compaction
  • It reduces the soil salinization caused by industrial fertilizers