FreezGUARD is an antifreeze fluid designed for winterizing and protecting of your sprayer against frost during the winter season (or during cold weather). It provides thorough cleaning of the whole sprayer distribution system and thanks to its corrosion features prolongs the lifetime of the sprayer. It avoids clogging of nozzles and thanks to its oil composition prevents joins from draying and valves from locking. FreezGUARD dissolves residues of plant protection products which remain stuck in the spryer tank.


Composition: plant-based anti-freeze fluid 

Package: 10 l


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Frost protection

  • wintering your sprayer
  • protection up to -38°C

Sprayer care

  • corrosion features/ effects
  • avoiding clogging of nozzles prevents the, preventing the joins from drying and the valves from locking
  • prolonging the lifetime of the sprayer
  • dissolving pesticide residues