KeepGUARD is a specially designed multipurpose cleaner for rinsing inside and cleaning outside parts of all agricultural equipment. It removers residual sulphonylureas and other active phytosanitary products (including oil products) which remain stuck to the parts of the equipment/ or sprayer. Regular use of KeepGUARD preserves the farmer equipment from corrosion and prolongs the life.


Crops: Intended for all agricultural machines and devices

Composition: NaOH and substances of vegetal origin

Package: 10 l


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  • neutralization of residual pesticide and fertilizers including oil products and products with sulphonylureas
  • reduces the phytotoxicity risk caused by badly cleaned sprayer/ or "avoids the risk of phytotoxicity when moving from one crop to another
  • anti-clogging effect for nozzles and filters
  • degreasing and polishing effect