The effective foliar fertilizer intended for crops with higher zinc and sulphur demand. It stimulates the development of root systems and supports the yield and quality of the harvested product. It increases the resistance to stress caused by drought and accelerates the vegetation recovery.ZINSTART POLSKO picture 02.png

Crops: cereals, corn, poppy, flax, sugar beet, leguminous crops, fruit trees, vegetables

Composition: 120 g/l Zn, 150 g/l SO3, lignosulphonates

Package: 10 l


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  • Compensation of Zinc and Sulfur deficit during vegetation
  • Promotion - growth of roots and green mass
  • Promotion - formation of foliar system and chlorophyll
  • Improvement of photosynthesis
  • Positive effect on nitrogen assimilation and assistance in generation of new proteins
  • Promotion of creation and development of regenerative organs
  • Acceleration of plant regeneration after winter and protection from mechanical and phytotoxic damage