Technical consulting is one of the main activities of SOUFFLET AGRO POLSKA together with grain trading, sales of CPP and seeds. We  permanently work to improve knowledge of our team of agronomy consultants to make recommendations of SOUFFLET AGRO POLSKA useful and timely for all our clients.



Every year SOUFFLET AGRO POLSKA presents the book of recommendations - SOUFFL'info, which contains our experience and knowledge of various technologies of cultivation, fertilization and protection of cereals, rape, maize, pea, lupine, bean and alfalfa. There are also general recommendations from Soufflet specialists from Poland and France regarding agricultural production.

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For full version of our SOUFFL'info please contact  sales representative in your area.



Several times a year we publish AGRO FLASH, in which we inform you about the current phytosanitary situation of the main crops and recommendations on the application of crop protection products and fertilization.












SOUFFLET AGRO POLSKA carries out independent testing of varieties to select and provide the best cultivars for each farm. We try not only new varieties, but also those that are already in our portfolio. We work closely with the most well-known breeding companies that provide us with samples of their seeds for sowing. Thanks to this cooperation we are able to see every variation in our conditions and then we are able to recommend to our customers the best varieties adapted to their situation. Experimental plots are established in spring and autumn in several locations in Wielkopolska and Lower Silesia.


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Product catalogue AUTUMN 2020

We present you the latest Product catalogue Autumn 2020 with information on:

  • Soufflet Seeds oil seed rape varieties,
  • brewing winter barley vari...
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