MaxiDrill  - it's a versatile, fast and precision sowing machine designed for withstand high-speed workloads. It meets all the requirements of farmers and depending on the type of soil - is proposed in the solution for tractors from 120 to 300 h.p. in modifications with a working width from 4 m to 6 m.


The wheels of the MaxiDrill roller are dual and equipped with scrapers. Each pair of wheels is shifted relatively to the neighboring one. This installation allows to save up to 25% of the power, and rollers work well in wet conditions without the risk of clogging. In the case of a  uncture, the wheel is replaced in a few minutes, it is only necessary to turn the necessary pair of wheels.

MaxiDrill provides with:

  • quick sowing after one or more passes of a disk harrowsowing after deep breakdown
  • sowing after ploughing in case of heavy autumn precipitation
  • direct sowing in summer right after the combine
  • direct sowing after harvesting of corn for grain due to the large clearance
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MaxiDrill is equipped by Fertisem option

2 bunkers → 2 norms → 2 depths

The second dispensers are located behind the second row of disks. Each dispenser is located in front of the rolling wheel and thus applies a product (fertilizer or seed) between two seeded rows. Earth drive from the disk closes the furrow. The depth is regulated by the
working depth of the discs, and the width of the furrow is regulated depending on the air pressure.

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MaxiDrill has true transport axle. It provides with:

  • homogeneous wear of the roller
  • maneuverability without roller skating
  • convenience and safety on the road


In the seed section of MaxiDrill machine there is a disk-anchor system which allows MaxiDrill to dominate  among machines with other types of coulters:

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Read Maxi Drill Brochure

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Type of machine

Maxi Drill

Working width (m) 3 4 6 9
Transport width (m) 3
Hopper capacity (l) 2 900 2 900 4 000 4 100
Number of drilling elements 20 28 40 60
Inter row (cm) 15 14.3 15 15
Working speed (km/h) 8-20

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Project Manager SOILTEQ and Sky Agriculture
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