DSC_7867_00267 300x200.jpg In 2016 Soufflet Agro has launched the Club which is focused on improvement of soil fertility. This Club is an analytical union of farmers which are interested in sustainable farming technologies and are searching for the ways to optimize production costs.
During the meetings of the club, we study methods of fighting against water and wind erosion, compaction, asphyxiation (oxygen starvation) of the soil, dissolution of organic matter and reduction of its value in the soil etc.

Guided by the experience of European farmers in the fight against these factor, we started production of cover crops mixes, intended to improve soil fertility through the accumulation of nutrients, symbiotic fixation of nitrogen and stimulation of biological activity of the soil. In addition, they help to control the spread of weeds and insects due to the phyto-sanitary effect – the failure of the development cycle of insects and reduction of weeds due to the soil cover.

Moreover, cover crops have numerous economic benefits and most important – they improve the soil structure by root system, limiting of unproduction evaporation out of unprotected soil and reduction of soil density.

IMG_20140912_152829_1 300 x 200.jpg After 2 years of activity of SOILTEQ Club we found a sowing machine, designed especially for sowing into cover crops – still vegetating or destroyed by mechanical or chemical method.

Therefore, now we offer a package solution – approved SOILTEQ technology and a sowing machine to perform it. This sowing machine is - EasyDrill.

EasyDrill machine owns the largest market share among all products of Sky Agriculture. The reason of this comes from the numerous advantages of the machine:

Compliance of sowing depth as in precise sowing machines



Copying of the relief of the land


Setting of seeds at a given depth   


Regulation of depth on EACH coulter



Regulation of load depending on weather conditions


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EASYDRILL_2017_05 titulka 300x200.jpg













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