Soufflet Agro Polska Sp. with o.o. was set up in June 2012.poznan_LrhGhwi.jpg

Today it is:

- a team of 7 field advisors contracting cereals and oilseed rape, supplying customers with products for crop production, certified seed and providing a professional and objective agricultural advisory "on the field"

- 4 agro shops located in our silos offering: crop protection products, fertilizers, certified seed

- a purchase of more than 250 000 tons of cereals, rape and corn per year in our 3 Soufflet silos Gołancz, Kościan, Strzelin and in several seasonals extra collect points.

Soufflet Facilities Poland Sp. Z o.o. (until 30 June 2013 -Soufflet Polska Sp. z o.o.) was established in May 1997.


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25 mar

Informacja dla klientów

W związku z sytuacją występowania koronawirusa COVID-19 w Polsce, publikujemy list określający podjęte działania i zalecenia w celu zapewnienia bez...

13 mar

Meeting of Brewing Barley Producers in Kościan

The next meeting of the Malt Barley Producers took place on 11 March in Kościan. The Soufflet Agro Polska team presented such issues to all the gat...

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