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  • BorSTART

    – Effective foliar fertilizer that solves a boron deficit or can be used as a prevention of its emergence.
  • BorphoSTART

    – Idealne połączenie boru i fosforu w jednym.
  • StimTOP

    – Biostymulator syntetyczne aminokwasy i ekstrakt z alg.
  • CereaSTART

    – Best foliar fertilizer to encourage the assimilation of phosphorus at low temperatures.
  • CornSTART

    – Foliar fertilizer, supplementing and correcting deficiencies of nutrients.
  • FertiBOOST

    – Micro granule which provides mega-acceleration during starting of vegetation.
  • KaliumTOP

    – Nawóz dolistny o wysokiej koncatracji potasu.
  • NitroTOP NG

    – Foliar fertilizer intended to solve the actual nitrogen needs as well as long-term nutrition.

    – Product for maximum impact on photosynthesis which helps crops to use their maximal potential.
  • OligoSTART

    – Foliar fertilizer which stimulates the metabolism of young plants
  • ZinSTART

    – Foliar fertilizer that stimulates the development of root systems and increases the resistance to stress.


  • AzoGUARD

    – The long-term effective fungicide against many major diseases.
  • Clartex NEO

    – The slug control strategy highly resistant against the humidity and precipitations.
  • EtheGUARD

    – Growth regulator, which shortens and stiffens cereal stems.
  • MesotriGUARD

    – Herbicyd (mezotrion - 100 g)
  • NicoGUARD OD

    – Herbicyd (nikosulfuron - 40 g)
  • TrimetGUARD

    – Herbicyd (metsulfuron metylu - 250 g, tribenuron metylu - 250 g)
  • TebuGUARD Plus

    – Fungicyd (tebukonazol - 430 g)
  • FreezeGUARD

    – Antifreeze fluid designed for winterization and protection of sprayers against frost.
  • KeepGUARD

    – Plant based product for inside cleaning of sprayers from residual phytosanitary products.
  • PodGUARD

    – Product helps the oil-seed rape to grow to its full maturity and protects the pod from shattering.


  • MultiAD

    – Multifunctional organosilicone adjuvant increasing the efficiency of active substances of applied pesticides.
  • AntifoamAD

    – Adiuwant odpieniający, likwiduje pianę w cieczach użytkowych w opryskiwaczach.
  • OilAD Plus

    – Adiuwant olejowy nowej generacji.
  • pHAD

    – Product designed to maximize the effect of used products by optimizing pH level.



    – Auxiliaries bacterias for nitrogen fertilization of cultivated crops.
  • ActivSOIL PK

    – Soil activator containing bacterias for activating the soil microbial activities.


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Product catalogue AUTUMN 2020

We present you the latest Product catalogue Autumn 2020 with information on:

  • Soufflet Seeds oil seed rape varieties,
  • brewing winter barley vari...
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