Product Catalogue SPRING 2020

Product Catalogue SPRING 2020 Nov. 19, 2019, ALL

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our product offer contained in the latest Product Catalogue Spring 2020. We believe that our products will help you achieve high yields. We encourage you to download the catalogue and contact our advisors who will help you choose the right varieties for your region.

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15 nov

The conference "National Challenges in Agriculture" in Warsaw

The aim of the conference is to promote agricultural knowledge with emphasis on the most practical elements that can be applied in one's own farm a...

17 oct

Soufflet Agro Polska dziękuję za zaufanie!

Niespełna kilka tygodni temu rozpoczęliśmy realizować nasz nowy projekt - usługę mobilną czyszczarko zaprawiarką. Spotkaliśmy się z ogromnym zainte...



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