SOUFFLET AGRO POLAND introducing their own brand SOUFFLET SEEDS

SOUFFLET AGRO POLAND  introducing  their own brand  SOUFFLET SEEDS Jan. 12, 2018,

In 2016, the company made its debut in Poland with its own SOUFFLET SEEDS seed brand - an elite line of hybrid maize varieties, selected for our region.

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26 feb


Sharing pieces of knowledge is not the biggest strength of polish farmers. It is not surprising, this behavior is due to fear of ridiculing and partly also from the reluctance to reveal too many information or secrets. 
SOILTEQ club was held on the 7th of October and you can read the whole article about the club or you can watch the short video from the club here.

13 dec

Corn seeds from the SOUFFLET SEEDS

Soufflet Group is the largest private buyer of cereals in Europe. In Poland, it is associated with malting barley, contracted for the needs of malting plants in Poznań, and soon also with the sowing material of crop plants.

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8 jun

FIELD DAY 2018 in Czachory

On the 7th of June,  took place in Czachory SOUFFLET AGRO POLSKA Field Day.  

We have presented our agricultural producers with a collection of wi...

30 may


Our Product catalog autumn 2018 is now available!

We would like to invite you to learn more about the latest offer of certified seed.

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