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13 December 2018,

Sometimes, to build something new, you have to destroy something existing from time immemorial. Both processes are difficult and time-consuming, bu...

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Meeting of the SOILTEQ club

22 November 2018,

The SOILTEQ club, an initiative of the company Soufflet Agro Polska, brings together farmers who prefer the principles of sustainable agriculture. ...

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26 February 2018,

Sharing pieces of knowledge is not the biggest strength of polish farmers. It is not surprising, this behavior is due to fear of ridiculing and par...

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SOUFFLET AGRO POLAND introducing their own brand SOUFFLET SEEDS

12 January 2018,

In 2016, the company made its debut in Poland with its own SOUFFLET SEEDS seed brand - an elite line of hybrid maize varieties, selected for our re...

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Corn seeds from the SOUFFLET SEEDS

13 December 2017,

Soufflet Group is the largest private buyer of cereals in Europe. In Poland, it is associated with malting barley, contracted for the needs of malt...

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